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Toledo Museum of Art Collection
Item No: 17MUS
We are so proud to be working with the Toledo Museum of Art to offer these exclusive vases filled with our artfully arranged flowers to the Toledo area.

Inspired by the works of the Berlin Painter, one of the most talented Attic Greek vase-painters of the early 5th century BCE, this limited edition series of hand-blown glass vases celebrates the elegance and artistry found in The Berlin Painter and His World. Designed and hand-made by Toledo glass artist Alan Iwamura in the Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion®. Each piece reflects the stylistic accomplishments found in Athenian pottery and is complemented by a rich modern color scheme.

Please note - there is a 2 week lead time on all orders as each vase is hand-blown and made to order. Each piece is made in the traditional off-hand glassblowing method making them both unique and one-of-a-kind. Flower content may vary based on seasonality and availability.

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Orange Hydria
Yellow Amphora
Blue Lekythos